A unique combination of Whey Protein, Colostrum, and Curcumin that works with your body, not against it, so you can live the life you deserve

Delivered in easy-to-swallow single dose sachets that fit seamlessly into your everyday life so that health and wellness are never an afterthought

A proven immunity booster, energizer, and source of antioxidants that boosts your mind and body the natural way for the peace of mind that makes all the difference

Formulated with a curated mix of immunoglobulin, beta lacto globulin, bovine serum, alpha lactalbumin and albumin, essential amino acids, functional peptides, antioxidants.

Give your whole family the natural health and wellness protection they deserve with a little help from the experts here at Miraco Global. Thanks to our world’s first family protein, you can enjoy a healthier, happier life simply by reconnecting with the natural world. Whether it’s boosting your immunity, promoting cellular repair, or improving your energy throughout the day, you’ll find everything you need in a simple natural capsule. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to enjoy everything life has to offer.

An enormously worthy nutraceutical product ProTresure, comprises of the finest ingredients sourced from all over the world and processed and manufactured in world class facility. It is enriched in branched and essential amino acids, functional peptides, antioxidants and immunoglobulin. It offers miraculous protection against a wide range of metabolic diseases such and health complications. It also assists in recovery from resistance exercise-injuries, stimulates gut physiology and helps protect skin against detrimental radiations. Apart from health invigoration, whey protein has proved its suitability as fat replacer and emulsifier. Further, its sheer edible and antimicrobial packaging capability makes it very effective for added benefits of colostrum and curcumin.

Colostrum is highly concentrated and exceptionally nutritious with full of protein that contains high levels of antibodies to fight against infections and diseases. It is tremendously vital for the growth and development of our system. It’s low in fat, easy to digest and brimming with nutrients that contributes towards improved gut health.

Curcumin, a powerful antioxidant, is known to have immunity boosting, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal activities and enhances the body’s natural defense against any disease-causing germs, deadly viruses, diseases or any other pandemics.

All the 3 components coupled together form a robust and promising supplement that keeps the immune cells prime and ready for action and improves one’s ability to cope with their daily stress, thereby leading back the body into its sturdy balance and ameliorating the quality of life.