Role of Curcumin in management of Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus orDiabetes, as it’s commonly known, is a very common health issue in the recent times. According to stats, more than 30 million people in India are suffering from Diabetes currently. The Crude Prevalence Rate of the disease is 9% in urban India and 3% in rural India. The metabolic disorder known by the name of Diabetes is characterized by an abnormal accumulation of glucose in the bloodstream.

Untreated diabetes over a long period of time could have damaging effects on the eyes, nerves, kidneys and various other organs of the human body. Apart from the conventional prescription drugs prescribed by your doctor, you could also try other alternative or natural remedies for diabetes. These remedies can cure diabetes without the harmful side-effects of prescription drugs.

One such anti-diabetes remedy is Curcumin. Curcumin is a powerful polyphenol present in the root or rhizome of the Turmeric plant. The polyphenolCurcumin is also a pigment that gives turmeric its characteristic yellow colour. Recently Curcumin has received much attention from the medical world...the reason is that researchers have discovered in it a potential for management of diabetes and diabetes-related complications. According to research Curcumin can nourish the beta cells, increase insulin production, boost insulin function and can put an end to insulin resistance. Thus, curcumin can be a cure for diabetes.

But, whether Curcumin will show its effects or not is a big question as curcumin has a poor bioavailability. Its poor water solubility, fragile pharmacokinetic profile and chemical instability make its bioavailability significantly low. What do you do then? Just order Curpure. Its world’s number 1 water soluble curcumin and is one of its kinds. Its highly bio available and allows you to experience the best results in diabetes management