How does Curcumin help in curing health issues

Curcumin, a polyphenol present in Turmeric or Haldi has earned much attention of late. Turmeric is a household spice all over the world. It can add color, flavor and taste to your curries & soups. Now, how does Turmeric get its characteristic color & flavor? It’s because of the polyphenol, Curcumin present in the spice.

In Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, Turmeric had been in use since ages. So, the use of Turmeric to treat diseases is not a new concept. According to the latest findings, Curcumin gives Turmeric its healing properties. This fact is but a new discovery. The world is now crazy about including Curcumin in their daily diet. Curcumin can keep many of the deadly diseases at bay and pave the way for a healthy body & mind. Read on to learn more:

Fights Cancer

Researchers claim that Curcumin can treat Cancer by killing cancer cells. Chronic inflammation may sometimes be the underlying cause of Cancer. The anti-inflammatory Curcumin can normalize the inflammatory processes within the body. By inhibiting the production of iNos and COX-2 enzymes, Curcumin can fight inflammation at the cellular level. That, in turn, can stop cancer cells from multiplying.

Manages Diabetes

Diabetes is a very common health concern these days. One out of two persons will be diabetic. Trials reveal that Curcumin can help you manage diabetes in a three-fold way…firstly, by improving the function of the beta cells in your Pancreas; Secondly, by stimulating the production of Insulin hormone and thirdly, by lowering the rate of glucose production in your liver.

Reduces arthritic joint pain

The joint disorder ‘Arthritis’ can be quite debilitating. It is characterized by pain and stiffness at the affected joint and joint inflammation. By taking Curcumin you may be able to manage the Arthritis symptoms in a much better way. Due to its anti-inflammatory nature, Curcumin can reduce the severity of the symptoms of Arthritis.

Improves digestion

Curcumin can boost your digestive health. Research declares that by taking Curcumin you can set yourself free from IBS symptoms. Curcumin can bring down gut inflammation and thus, improve the digestive efficiency of your body.

Improves Heart Health

Curcumin can prevent atherosclerosis and reduce the chances of heart attacks & heart failures. Curcumin can change the genetic signaling responsible for clogging arteries with plaque and thus, can improve your heart health.

Checks Hypertension/High Blood Pressure

As per research, Curcumin can keep your blood pressure in check by effectively modulating your blood pressure levels. Curcumin acts as a regulator for the AT1 Receptor and stops your blood pressure from shooting up.

Improves Brain Functions

A fatty acid known by the name of DHA is associated with neuroprotection, brain function and brain health. Intake of Curcumin supports and boosts DHA synthesis in your body and helps in healthy brain development. Age-related memory loss and cognitive brain disorders may be avoided through the use of Curcumin.

So, now you know about the health benefits of Curcumin. Make a wise choice today by opting for Curcumin supplements or Curcumin products. Embrace good health with the power of Curcumin!