What to do while you wait for the Corona Vaccine to be launched?

No other disease in the planets past has changed the fate of mankind like Corona. COVID 19 has ripped across our social structure and destroyed leading economies of the world. It has taken away lives, jobs, freedom and goodwill forcing the entire globe to come to a standstill. A disease powerful enough to make economies crash and contagious enough to make every human wear a mask is not an easy enemy to vanquish. It’s estimated that the launch of a scientifically tested vaccine against COVID will take almost 1.5 years. Thankfully, there is something very important that you can do during this waiting period.

Why boosting immunity is super important?
The best defense against Corona now is your own immune system. The stronger is your ability to ward off the virus by the unique immune-response of your body, the safer you are. Ancient India has no dearth of immune boosters but the king amongst them still remains “haldi” or turmeric. There is a reason why people ailing from choked noses and clogged respiratory systems were prescribed tall glasses of haldi-milk.

Why Curpure is a beacon of hope?
Often referred to as the golden healing herb of the east, turmeric is mentioned in many historical texts. Its medicinal and anti-microbial properties made it one of the most traded items. Curcuma Longa has been used to cure shingles, chicken pox and diseases of the respiratory system including common flu. Curcumin, the major compound present in turmeric is believed to be the source of its benefits. This very circumin in a water soluble bio degradable form is the base or Curpure; a radical health supplement that boosts your immune system and protects you against deadly diseases. COVID 19’s symptoms represent those of a severe flu attack which is why Curpure consumption is a good way to protect yourself against this deadly malady that has wrecked the world.