Is Curcumin bio-available for your body?

Turmeric; the Rhizome and its active compound ‘Curcumin’ is under focus these days. Researchers are interested in this amazing molecule due to its vast range of proposed benefits for your health such as reduction in inflammation, improvement of heart health, improvement of liver health, reduction of cholesterol, anti-diabetic and anti-cancerous effects. However, Curcumin comes with one of the biggest disadvantages; i.e. poor bioavailability.

Bioavailability may be defined as the extent at which the compound is absorbed and used by your body. Anything that has a low bio-availability cannot be used by your body much and so you cannot derive the maximum benefits out of it.Bioavailability of any ingredient depends on four different factors.

Solubility: Bioavailability Property 1
Curcumin crystals are too large to be easily absorbed through the intestinal membranes. The crystals do not dissolve easily within the stomach. Lack of the property to get dissolved easily lowers the bioavailability of Curcumin.

Stability: Bioavailability Property 2
Low stability of Curcumin also lowers its bioavailability. To get absorbed byyour body, the Curcumin needs to survive the digestive process. If the curcumin gets destroyed during the digestive process, it’ll be of no use for you.

Permeability: Bioavailability Property 3
Curcumin’s poor solubility brings down its permeability. It cannot be easily absorbed by the cells and membranes of your body. That too makes Curcumin low in its bioavailability.

Metabolism: Bioavailability Property 4
If Curcumin is metabolized easily; i.e. if it’s broken down easily by your liver, a very meager amount reaches your cells and organs and is of little use.

From the above points, it’s clearly evident that Curcumin is usually poor in its bioavailability. But, when you choose Curpure; country’s No. 1 water soluble Curcumin, you can easily overcome the above limitations. Curpurecomes inliquid form and is highly bio-available. Order Curpure right away to experience the best benefits for your body!