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Miraco Global: Where Nutrition and Tradition Converge

We all know that the pursuit of maintaining good health and evading illnesses between increasingly hectic work schedules is not easy. With degrading environmental conditions and nutrient deficient diets added to the mix, enjoying wellness energetically often seems impossible.

We at Miraco Global understand this struggle, and know that it doesn’t have to be like this.

MIRACO GLOBAL is now certified on Quality Management System and found to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the sope of Manufacturing and Marketing of Various Kind of Food and Nutrition Prodcts.

MIRACO GLOBAL is now certified on Food Safety Management System and found to conform to the requirements of ISO 22000:2018 for the sope of Manufacturing and Marketing of Various Kind of Food and Nutrition Prodcts.


Our extensive experience in healthcare has led us to notice that lack of time and awareness in the modern lifestyle often leads people to choose synthetic supplements and expensive commercial medication to obtain basic nutrition and cure avoidable illnesses. We understand that these aren’t just an enormous weight on your pocket, but have harmful side effects that deteriorate your health severely in the long run. We also discovered that in the past, cancer, thyroid, diabetes and other pervasive illnesses were not nearly as common as they are at present.

That’s why we began our journey of making wellness accessible by discovering traditional health secrets, and adapting them to suit the fast-paced modern lifestyle. That’s how we found what is now our front-line, stellar ingredient: Turmeric!

Less pleasing to us was uncovering the dirty laundry of a market saturated with low quality ingredients, cheap chemical imitations, and products that abysmally fail to put into practice their promises and deliver value for money.

That’s what sets Miraco Global apart. We believe that living healthy and productive life should be easy and universally accessible. Everything we do is firmly rooted in this philosophy . Our principles are simple: using highest quality organic ingredients; developing our products through expert advice; being completely transparent to consumers. If all of these aren’t checked off, we won’t bring our products to you.

We don’t assure you the exact nutrition you might get from whole food – instead, we give you a better option: the right nutrients, but in their purest form. In this way, you can access micronutrients and their benefits, evading unnecessary carbohydrates, fats, and potential chemicals. This offsets the deficiencies triggered by a prohibitive environment and rapid-paced lifestyle, accelerating your path towards health and vitality.

Lastly, we are cognizant of the depleting natural resources caused by rampant agricultural practices. Hence, we want to do our part in healing the relationship between humans and the environment. We use eco-friendly packaging and obtain our ingredients through sustainable agriculture and extraction to optimize nutrition despite poor soil quality, geographical location and financial constraints. The resultant products are safe, sustainable, certified, and clinically tested – that’s a Miraco Global promise.

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